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Dark Ages
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World Without War


   Let's make war illegal.

   Why should war be legal?  Murder, attacking people or property are not legal activities, why is war?

    It has been a long, dark and stormy night, it is time for a peaceful sunrise.  The time has come for us to visualize and embrace the idea of a world without war.

    We will not have a world free of problems, misunderstandings and conflicts, but we will create new tools to deal with them.  War is no longer a practical option.  We are at the point of being able to destroy ourselves and the livability of our world.  This technological state is irreversible.  From now on we will possess the means of global destruction in many possible forms.  Advanced technology demands more advanced thinking in order to remove the intrinsic danger arising from our scientific achievements.

    This is an effort to produce a practical guide to begin the task of ending war and finding the new tools needed to negotiate our differences.

    The first and most important step on the path into a peaceful future is very simple and straightforward.  Each person must accept responsibility for creating their own reality.  We must choose peace.  We must reject the idea of war.  We can live in a world free of armed conflict.

    To put this in perspective, is there any society in the world today that allows individuals to kill others and destroy property?  No law encourage such behavior.  We have declared it to be outside the law, to be illegal.

    Why then, should we accept and legitimize such actions when we call it war?  Individual crimes are not considered appropriate behavior and we do our best to prevent and punish them.  The group crimes of warfare should be no more acceptable to us.  We can prevent them from happening in our future.  We can make war illegal, we can remove its legitimacy.