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Our Highest Responsibility


    Legally, morally and ethically dealing with the problem of war is our highest responsibility.  We hold life on earth in our hands.  We need to create a new ethic that values whole systems and the web of life we call nature.

    Simply by creating and empowering such an ethical system war becomes an obsolete concept.  Warfare is far too destructive to be allowed within an environmental ethic.

    This is not about war crimes, this is about making war a crime.

    To give the idea historical perspective, consider slavery.  Until the last two centuries, slavery was a feature of many societies on earth.  It was a normal condition of life.  It is now illegal and more than that an unthinkable situation for us.

    Likewise Dictatorships and Empires were the rule until only very recently.  Now in the space of a few hundred years these old fashioned totalitarian forms of government have changed and over half of the world has some form of Democracy.  As nations evolve most of the world will soon be ruled by the vote of the people.

    Clearly this shows that it is possible for very old and entrenched concepts to be fundamentally changed by an enlightened populace.  We need only see new and higher possibilities to guide ourselves out of darkness.


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