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First Steps on the Path


    Bad guys will always be here.  Peace requires vigilance and courage.  It is the true path of the enlightened person.  It is far harder to wage peace than to wage war.

    We can use the existing structure of the United Nations and we can declare war illegal.  Once again the challenge here is to make the peaceful resolution of conflicts an overriding issue.  We can form a global grassroots campaign to force our leaders to give this issue their attention.

    One immediate challenge is to define war.  Is it an armed conflict involving groups of some minimum number of people?  What about the terrorist acts of a few affecting the many?  We need to be clear about our goals.

    Begin at home, "Act Locally, Think Globally".  Towns, cities, counties, boroughs, states and countries can declare themselves to be War Free Zones.  Within these areas warfare will not be tolerated.  Eventually it will become the accepted global standard.

    Nuclear Free Zones are an example of this strategy at work.  Small local efforts eventually paid off with Global Nuclear Testing and Disarmament Treaties.   



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