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Into the 21st Century


    Our scientific accomplishments seem to precede our social skills.  As we develop our new conflict arbitration and settlement tools we can make use of the military technology already available.

    Global response requires quick, effective movement and appropriate action.  Satellite communication and oversight will be vital components of Global Peacekeeping.  These systems already exist and will be further refined by individual nations.  Consider how much better it will be for all of us to have this sophisticated hardware dedicated to stopping warfare rather than preparing for it.

    We will never be able to rest from the task of peacekeeping.  The price of peace will be constant vigilance.  But as time goes on, less and less of the world's resources will have to be devoted to defense.  More of our time, money and energy can be used for peaceful pursuits.

    We can all think of a thousand things that need to be done here at home, on earth.  Beyond here the moon, the planets and the stars are waiting for us.  They represent the promise of the future for exploration and human endeavor.  In order to devote out attention and energy to these concerns, we need to become a peaceful global community.


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