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Peace is Action


    Appropriate response to inappropriate behavior is the heart of the concept.  Back up a World Without War with a true UN Peacemaking and Peacekeeping Force.  Every country could keep its armed and trained defensive force.

    Think of world intolerance of war as a global martial art, ready to defend against attack at all times, but not offensive in posture or attitude.  Each nation will contribute to the Global Peacekeeping Force, while maintaining its own defensive ability.

    The timing and appropriateness of the responsive action is very important.  The rules must be clear and everyone must understand that armed aggression (warfare) will not be allowed.  The Peacemaking reaction must be swift, decisive and overwhelming.  We must be ready to fight fire with fire anywhere, anytime.

    The Global Peacekeeping Force must be state of the art, world mobile and ready to go.  They will be our Fire Department, ready to respond quickly and appropriately to the fires of war.

    We are already working on non-lethal weapons.  This research can be expanded and we can develop non-injurious means of stopping armed conflicts.  Prevention of war will require legislation, appropriate armed response, and a clearly understood goal of mandatory negotiation of conflicts.

    It is very important that the response of the peacemaking force be specific and directed.

    These two simple ideas,

    1) Make war illegal

    2) Back it up with a true peacekeeping force

 are a framework for the future.


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