World Without War
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Beyond War
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First Steps on the Path
Peace is Action
Appropriate Response
Fire Department for the Fires of War
Practical Problems
Dark Ages
No Quick Fix
Work For Us All
Into the 21st Century
Think Globally
Age of Arbitration
May Peace Prevail On Earth
Into Our Future
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Work For Us All


    There is work here, mental and physical challenge for many people over many years.  Everyone has a stake in this: parents, children, soldiers, scientists, environmentalists, all of us.  Every living, breathing person on the planet has a role to play in this new vision.

    World Without War can be the basis of a peace that can last far into the future

    It will be based on voluntary peacekeepers from all nations and voluntary compliance. Individual Democracies will globally exercise their rights to the peaceful pursuit of happiness.

    We can leave the dark age of dictatorships and aggressive armies and enter an enlightened era.   Freedom from the fear and destruction of warfare, true democracies, human rights and an environmental ethic will be our future.

    We can choose this path and make it so.


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