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Happiness, Health and Long Life


    Our technology has given us the potential of global destruction.  It has also given us the means to save ourselves with the evolving framework of the internet, a universal communications system.  We can now become a truly global society, a society that chooses to be safe, healthy and long lived.

    As a peaceful world becomes more accepted as a possibility, the direction of its implementation will evolve.  We are bright enough to think our way out of the situation we find ourselves in.  We are now victims of the winds of war, which are constantly threatening somewhere.

    We are not looking for a world free of disagreement, only one free of violence.  The principles we have evolved to deal with individual behavior can be expanded and developed to cover group behavior.

    The information age will become the age of enlightened negotiation.  Honest information, freely available to all will be the key to straightforward talk.  We will learn to compromise and seek win - win solutions.  By eliminating the possibility of throwing temper tantrums, being greedy or bullying others with an armed force, we may find negotiating differences is a lot easier than we think.  Nonviolent negotiation is our long term solution.  In the short term, reducing and eventually stopping the international arms trade makes good sense.

    To quote the current Dali Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, "Violence is against human nature and always leads to more problems."  The cultivation of compassion and nonviolent diplomacy is the route to world peace.


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