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Age of Arbitration
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How to Achieve a Peaceful World


    1) Make war illegal.

    2) Give the idea life.  Think about it and talk about it.  The right idea at the right time  will produce a momentum of its own.

    3) Make it an issue: introduce the idea of a World Without War into politics.

    4) Take the long view, this won't happen overnight.  The concept must be planted and nurtured.  A world without war can be seen as a long-range goal and plan for the future.

    5) Be cheerful, choose optimism, don't be discouraged.  A peaceful future is the only real option we have.

    6) Focus your creativity and energy on solutions to the many practical problems involved in creating and maintaining a World Free of War.

    What follows are steps toward this future vision and strategies we could use to make a truly peaceful world happen.


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