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Age of Arbitration


    Why should we be victims of war?

    Bystanders are often caught in the middle as refugees, displaced persons or statistics of injury and death.  We can no longer allow the Game of War to endanger any of us.  We will no longer be the victims of war.

    We owe ourselves, our children and all life on the planet a healthy future.  This can only be assured by growing beyond warfare.  Mass violence not only can be stopped, but must be stopped.  Our present and our future depend on it and demand it.

    Beyond ego, beyond macho, beyond borders lies our true path: the path of peace.  Let us revive the United Nations with an ultimately worthy goal, Global Peacekeeping -- a responsibility shared by all nations and all peoples.

    The age of negotiation, arbitration and compromise lies just beyond the age of war.  All problems end up being solved with these skills anyway.  We are only removing the violence.

    We should be able to manage this next evolutionary step in our growth as human beings.  The resources and energy it will eventually free up for other uses will be an economic and spiritual boost for us all.

    We can lighten up our path in this world.

    It has been over fifty years since the end of World War Two, fifty years since the birth of the United Nations and fifty years since Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    This has not been an easy time, but it has also been over fifty years since the last global war.

    We need a new framework for the future, a new direction for our energies and thoughts.

    It is time for us to truly Give Peace a Chance. 


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