World Without War
Our Highest Responsibility
Beyond War
How to Achieve a Peaceful World
First Steps on the Path
Peace is Action
Appropriate Response
Fire Department for the Fires of War
Practical Problems
Dark Ages
No Quick Fix
Work For Us All
Into the 21st Century
Think Globally
Age of Arbitration
May Peace Prevail On Earth
Into Our Future
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A Guide To Survival For the 21st Century And Beyond


Welcome To World Without War.

War is a dated concept we need to grow beyond.  Let's declare War illegal and make it a crime.  Peaceful resolution of conflict through mandatory negotiation is the future, our next evolutionary step.  A world without war, a world at peace is really the only practical option.  We have to think our way out of the dangerous situations we have created and build a peaceful future for us all.  The spread of weapons of mass destruction makes this essential.   Our growing sense of environmental ethics, enlightened negotiation and global communication are the keys to creating a world without war.  This is our highest responsibility.  Please join in a worldwide community effort to free us all from the winds of war.    



Our Mission

To Make War Illegal.

To create a world without war, a long range peaceful future for us all.

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A good idea will have a life of its own.  Let's make war illegal and finally give peace a chance!



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