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Fire Department for the Fires of War


    We could model our response to warfare on a modern effective fire department.

    The point is to put out the fire, quickly and efficiently.  We should be able to call on a peacemaking force that responds within 24 hours anywhere on the globe.

    We should expect the peacemakers to go straight to the specific area of violent activity and stop it, using the most direct and effective methods.

    Terrorism, ethnic cleansing, massacres, attacks, invasions, bombings, police actions and all the various forms of inappropriate behavior that we are faced with can be stopped.  They all grow in scale over a period of time.  If peacekeepers are there within 24 hours the dynamics of any situation will be changed.

    We need to be fair but effective and put out the fire of war while the blaze is still small and manageable.  This is the goal of global peacemaking, extinguish violence as soon as possible.  Mandatory negotiations would then immediately begin and the real problems involved would have to be faced up to by both sides.


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