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Dark Ages


    The dark ages, characterized by warfare and violence, are alive and well in the hearts of some people and always will be.  We cannot assume people are enlightened in their thinking no matter what they may say.  Old hatreds and animosities can boil to the surface in any group.  The greater human community must be prepared to stop violence - ethnic, religious or political - in any form at any time.  Only by stopping armed conflict quickly and efficiently can we force talk -- negotiation -- to resolve issues.

    We have many historic and current examples of nations and groups within nations rising up and using violence to achieve goals.  This is no longer an acceptable alternative to due political process.

    The issues and animosities may remain, but they can no longer be resolved with violence.  Our "civilized society" needs to move on to the next stage of our development.  We need to substitute negotiation with each other for fighting and killing each other.


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